Eid Mubarak Wishes 2020

Eid Mubarak Wishes 2020

Today we are sharing the Best Eid Mubarak wishes 2020 collection for our readers, but before moving on to the Eid Mubarak wishes and quotes let us take a look at the definition and celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr 2020. 

Eid-ul-Fitr or Ramadan Eid is the festival of love. On this day the people of the Muslim community get together and wish Eid Mubarak to their family and friends. After a month of fasting in Ramadan, Muslims are blessed with Eid. Eid means happiness and Fitr means allowance to break the series of fast. Different countries have a different tradition for celebration on Eid, but wishing Eid Mubarak is common everywhere.

The day of Eid begins after citing the new moon. This year Eid-ul-Fitr is on 23rd May or 24th May 2020 in India depending upon the new moon. People buy new clothes for Eid celebration, they give zakah and Fitra to the poor and needy before the day of Eid-ul-Fitr. 

On the day of Eid, people take ghusl and go to Masjid to offer Namaz-e-Eid. After Namaz, they wish each other a Happy Eid Mubarak by shaking hands and hugging followed by shaking hands once again. People visit their relatives and friends and wish them, Eid Mubarak. Women at the house make different types of sweets, Shirkhurma is one of the most popular sweets made on the day of Eid. Children are happier on the day of Eid as they get Money and gifts from elders in the form of Eidi.  

Near ones are happy as they can meet and wish each other a happy Eid Mubarak, but those who are far away missing each other find other ways to say, Eid Mubarak.  Back in the old days, people used to send Eid Mubarak Greetings by post which included Eid greeting cards and sweets. But now in the modern digital world people post Eid Mubarak greetings on their WhatsApp status or Facebook, Instagram stories. People use electronic mediums like social media and messages to send their loved ones Eid-ul-Fitr greetings. Eid Mubarak Images is one of the popular ways to send Eid greetings on social media these days.

Eid Mubarak Wishes 2020

We at wishesandquotes.in took an opportunity to share some Eid Mubarak 2020 wishes for you to share it with your family and friends who are far away from you. We have also posted Eid Mubarak 2020 Images new collection on our website for you guys. Take a look and feel free to share these Eid Mubarak wishes and quotes on WhatsApp and other platforms.

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Eid Mubarak Wishes 2020 

  • I wish you and your family a Happy Eid Mubarak. May Allah bless you and all your dreams come true this Eid-Ul-Fitr.

  • You’re so far my dear one, Fresh Shirkhurma can’t reach you but fresh wishes can. Eid Mubarak ?

  •  May this Eid bring happiness, prosperity and contentment in your life. I wish you a happy Eid Mubarak.

  • Let us make this Eid Joyous and blessed. Let us celebrate in true sense this festival of happiness.

  • May the blessings of Eid guide you through every streak of negativity and may Allah bless you for now and forever. 

  •  Eid is an occasion to celebrate happiness, so let’s forget all grudges and give everyone a gift of smiles ??. Eid Mubarak

  • Wishing that this Eid-ul-Fitr you may get the perfect happiness throughout the year. Rejoice and stay safe. Have a blessed and Happy Eid. 

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New Eid Mubarak 2020 wishes

  • On this beautiful occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr, I pray to Allah that your happiness is multiplied and sorrows are divided forever. wishing you a Happy Eid Mubarak 2020.

  • May this auspicious festival of Eid bring you and your family very good health, wonderful wealth and unbeatable success. Eid Mubarak 2020

  • Shirkhurma to sweeten your life.
       Biryani to add unforgettable taste.
       Eidi to share success and
       Eid wishes to thank Allah
       Eid Mubarak ?

  • I hope this Eid brings you an endless moment of joy, and Allah bestows his choicest blessings on you. Eid Mubarak.

  •  Wish the divine day of Eid-ul-Fitr brings Happiness, prosperity and health in your life. Eid Mubarak 2020

  •  May this crescent moon enlighten your spirit and wash away all the darkness from your life.

Lovely Eid Mubarak 2020 Wishes

  • My love, You make my every day like Eid day. Eid Mubarak.

  • Wishing you and your family tonnes of good wishes on this grand auspicious occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr. Eid Mubarak

  •  This Eid lets kill all our egos and wake up pure thoughts in our hearts and minds. 

  • May this festival of Eid keep you free with
       E- evil deeds
       I- Illness
       D- Devil
       Eid Mubarak 2020.

  •  Sending this Message which contains Eid wishes, written from my heart, decorated with love and bring you happiness. Eid Mubarak 2020

  •  Let us wish that this Eid-ul-Fitr brings you a stroke of good luck and help you fulfill all your dreams.

  •  May the Happiness and joy of this Eid-ul-Fitr bless your life today and forever. Eid Mubarak.

  •  You are the happiness in my life… I wish this Eid-ul-Fitr brings a tonne of happiness in your life. Eid Mubarak My Love.

  • On this auspicious day of Eid, I wish you good health, more wealth and love in your life.

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Eid Mubarak wishes 2020 for sister

Eid Mubarak Wishes for sister 2020

  • May the joy and happiness of this Eid festival surround you and your loved ones forever. Eid Mubarak my sister.

  •  May this festival of Eid-ul-Fitra 2020 enlighten our hearts and strengthen the bonds between us. Eid Mubarak 2020 my beautiful sister.
  • Sisters are like another mother for their siblings, Lucky to have a sister like you who take care of us in every situation when Mom and Dad are not around. May Allah take care of you and your wishes this Eid. Happy Eid Mubarak sister.
  • Happiness is in the air, Love is everywhere. This is the day of Eid, let’s wish everyone out there. Eid Mubarak sister.

  •  May you be blessed with happiness and prosperity throughout the life on this auspicious day of Eid-ul-Fitr. Eid Mubarak Sister ?

One line Eid Mubarak 2020 wishes

  •  Your dreams are beautiful, may Allah fulfill them this Eid
        Eid Mubarak 2020
  •  Best wishes for Eid. Have a wonderful day. Eid Mubarak

  • May your wishlist come true this Eid. Eid Mubarak.

  •  May the joy and the peace of Eid-Ul-Fitr be with you throughout your life. Eid Mubarak.
  •  Eid is the festival of happiness, I wish all the happiness come to you. Eid Mubarak 2020.

  • I wish you all a very lovely and cheerful Eid Mubarak.

  • I hope you are making this Eid remember. Eid Mubarak

  • This is the season to wish each other joy and peace. Eid Mubarak.

Eid Mubarak wishes 2020 for friends

Eid Mubarak 2020 Wishes for Friends

  • Having you as my friend makes me feel every day as Eid day. Eid Mubarak
  • Eid is a feeling true friends share together even if they are away from each other.
  • A friend like you makes this Eid a wonderful and blessed.
  • Friend care and share, sometimes they are not fair. But in the end, they are always there. Eid Mubarak my friend.
  • A friend in Eid is a friend indeed?. Eid Mubarak

  • May this special day of Eid-ul-Fitr bring you happiness and prosperity to you and your family my friend. Happy Eid Mubarak friend.

Eid Mubarak wishes 2020 for boss

Eid Mubarak Wishes to Boss 2020

  • May Allah bless you with health, wealth and peace this Eid. Eid Mubarak Sir.
  • I wish a very Happy Eid to the coolest and friendly boss in the world. Eid Mubarak Boss.
  • You have been a guide throughout my career, May Allah guide you throughout your life. A very happy Eid Mubarak boss.
  • You have given me a great opportunity to work under your mentorship, let me take this opportunity to thank you and wish you a Happy Eid Mubarak boss.
  • Tough from outside, soft from inside. A man with a vision that handles every situation. Hard worker and a good friend. May his success never end. Happy Eid Mubarak 2020 boss.

Eid Mubarak wishes 2020 for wife

Eid Mubarak 2020 Wishes for wife 

  • Eid Mubarak to my better half, My lovely wife.
  • You are by my side in every ups and downs in my life. May Allah bless you with everything you ever wish for. Eid Mubarak my beautiful wife.
  • Eid is the day of happiness and you make me happy every day, can I celebrate every day as Eid? Eid Mubarak wife.
  • The world is jealous of me because I have a beautiful wife that is you. Let’s celebrate this beautiful day together and make our relationship more beautiful. Eid Mubarak to my beautiful wife.
  • A good life partner changes the world, the best lifer partner shows the way to heaven. You are my way to heaven. Eid Mubarak my beautiful and lovely wife. 

        Eid Mubarak wishes 2020 for husband

Eid Mubarak 2020 Wishes for Husband

  • You are taking care of me and always by my side in upsides down of my life. May Allah bless you with happiness, strength and all your wishes come true this Eid. Eid Mubarak my lovely husband. 
  • Eid Mubarak to my lovely Husband
  • The most precious relationship in the world is the husband-wife relationship like the most precious day in the year is the day of Eid. I wish you a happy Eid Mubarak husband.
  • My husband is the one who makes my everyday feel like Eid day. Let me wish you the happiness of Eid, Eid Mubarak to my handsome husband.

Happy Eid Mubarak wishes 2020

  • Wishing you and your family a Happy Eid Mubarak 2020 with lots of love.
  • E- Every sorrow will disappear from your life.
       I- Incredible life is waiting for you ahead.
       D- Dominate the world with your success.
       Happy Eid Mubarak 2020.
  • Eid brings joy, Eid recreates bonds, Eid spreads love, Eid let us forget all our ego, Eid helps us to leave behind all the grudges. Eid is the festival of happiness and love. I wish a Happy Eid Mubarak 2020 to you and your family.
  • Eid is a beautiful present from Allah to reward us for all the worships and good deeds we did during the holy month of Ramadan. Let us keep up the good work and our worships intact even after Ramadan and fill our life with lots of love and happiness. Happy Eid Mubarak 2020.
  • The real meaning of Eid is for those who indulged themselves in fasting and prayers during the holy month of Ramadan. You’re one of them my dear. May Allah bless you with happiness and prosperity and all your dreams come true this Eid-ul-Fitr. Happy Eid Mubarak.
  • You are as important to me as oxygen is for life. Stay safe and healthy and may this Eid be the best one for you. Happy Eid Mubarak.
  • I wish you the unlimited blessings of Allah, unlimited mercy and unlimited love this Eid. Happy Eid Mubarak.
Eid Mubarak wishes 2020 for brother

Eid Mubarak Wishes for Brother

  • Out of all relationships in the world the relationship between brother and sister is a special one. My special Eid wishes to my special brother. May Allah bless you with all the happiness of the world. Eid Mubarak Bhai.
  • Brothers are more than a friend, they know all secrets of each other, so there’s one more secret I want to tell you that I have not told anyone. I want to be the first to wish my brother a happy Eid Mubarak Bhai.
  • A big brother is another father who takes care of his siblings, on this auspicious day of Eid I wish Allah take care of you, your all wishes and your health. Eid Mubarak brother.
  • Brothers are blessing from Allah like Eid. May all happiness of Eid be always with you my brother. Eid Mubarak 2020 Bhai.

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