How to celebrate Labor day in Corona Lockdown

How to celebrate Labor day in Corona Lockdown

Corona Lockdown has made every festival and celebration very awful these days. People throughout the world have not celebrated many festivals and events due to lockdown. Many sports events like football and the Indian Premier League for cricket have been postponed until further notice due to the corona pandemic. Amidst all of these, there’s International Labor Day or Workers’ Day coming soon on this 1st May 2020. 

How to celebrate Labors day in Corona Lockdown

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International labor day is celebrated to honor laborers throughout the world. Every year people around the world celebrate this day as workers day in different ways. In some industries holiday is observed whereas in some places people do gathering and celebrate this day by organizing different events. Apart from dance, speeches, and awareness programs, the prize distribution ceremony is the most common part of the Labor Day celebration.

In Maharashtra, the 1st May is also celebrated as Maharashtra day. People of the state celebrate this day as a cultural day and many cultural events are organized across Maharashtra on the occasion of Maharashtra day. Labor day and Maharashtra day is celebrated with huge gatherings at various places. At some places, parades are organized to observe this day but due to Lockdown, it seems impossible to celebrate the Labor day by organizing gatherings, or a grand event. But we don’t have to worry much as there are other ways to celebrate this day by sitting at home and keeping ourselves safe during this Labor day during corona lockdown.

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Here are some methods to celebrate Labor day during Corona Lockdown

Every year people get together and celebrate this day by giving speeches on stage. Some speeches are about appreciating the workers from the employers and some workers also prepare speeches appreciating the company and its facilities. 

Here’s what you can do during this lockdown Labor day

Everybody must be aware of video conferencing right?

  • Prepare a speech as usual and keep it ready for the day you can add all your employees on video conference and celebrate this day by giving a good labor day speech.

  • Various online training can be organized to develop the skills of workers and to kill the boredom during the lockdown.

  • People can perform their regular dance or mimicry shows on video conference and entertain their colleagues like they used to do during the main celebration of workers’ day.

  • Employers can do appreciation of the eligible employees in the form of digital certificates and send money to them in their accounts in place of awards/rewards as it will help them during the lockdown.

  • Employees can make Labor day banners, slogans and quotes at home and show them to colleagues during video conferences or sent their masterpieces on WhatsApp groups of the company.

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  • Employers or HRs can arrange various online games tournaments.

  • Singing, Jokes, or movie quiz competitions can be held on video conferences or on Whatsapp groups.  

  • Donations can be done to help the poor and needy by making contributions for a good cause on this May day.

  • Share the strategies that keep you productive during these quarantine days so that others can also do the same instead of sleeping or spending their days watching movies or playing games.

  • Spread awareness about how to stay safe during this pandemic and discuss the steps to take after lockdown is once over.

  • Keep Smiling and Stay Beautiful.

Final Words: Celebrating international labor day by Physical gathering is impossible during this lockdown but all we can do is use the electronic mediums to celebrate this labor day. Give all our best and stay safe. Stay home and we can surely beat this in the coming days. Labors’ day is the feeling of all workers around the world that one day to celebrate their good work. Let us not forget this even during this corona lockdown and make it the one remembering day out of all.

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